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Mike Rowe foundation is accused of misogyny; his response is an instant classic

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The very likable, down-to-earth television personality Mike Rowe has managed to stay above politics, but his firm belief in the virtues of a strong work ethic doesn’t always sit well with some on the left.

…which may account for Rowe’s foundation being accused of misogyny.

A high school girl “won” a masonry competition that The mikeroweWORKS Foundation was associated with, but it was later learned that a clerical error led to her victory and a boy who finished third was the actual winner.

A woman contacted Rowe and asked him to intervene when the young woman was reportedly stripped of her title.

His response, as with much of what Rowe does, was an instant classic, as he said in a Facebook post that in addition to a clerical order, there was a breakdown in communication and that misogyny was not a factor.

Rowe included this gem when offering what he would tell the girl:

“I would tell her to return the Gold Medal at once, along with her sincere thanks for the opportunity to compete, her heartfelt congratulations to the actual winner, and her steadfast resolve to come back next year and kick some serious ass,” he wrote.

“If I were her,” Rowe continued, “I would make it crystal clear to those petitioning in my name that I had absolutely NO interest in keeping a trophy that was awarded to me by mistake, or competing in a contest for which I didn’t actually qualify.”

Mike R

See his full response here:

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