See surprising reaction when Millennials discover ‘Trump quotes’ really came from Hillary

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Campus Reform wanted to see how young people would react when their versions of political truth conflicted head-on with actual reality. The answer in most cases was surprising and, actually, encouraging.

The random young people were asked to match six different quotes to either Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The questions were as follows:

• “This candidate wore a $12,000 suit while giving a speech about inequality.”

• “Which candidate said they carry hot sauce everywhere they go to ‘pander’ to black voters?”

• Which candidate said, “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president we will attack Iran if it attacks Israel. We would obliterate them”

• “Which candidate made a joke about ‘colored people time’ saying that black people are always late?”

• “Which candidate suggested a 12-year-old rape victim made up accusations because she enjoyed ‘fantasizing about older men’”

• “This candidate accepted millions of dollars from the kings of Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Oman.”

Most respondents were certain the author of the quotes was Donald Trump while, in actuality, every single one was a reference to Hillary Clinton. Instead of denying reality and storming away angrily, the young people’s responses were an encouraging sign that there could indeed be logical minds under all that PC-indoctrination.

Here were a few responses:

“Oh, that makes me sad.”


“What she said about the rape victim was the worst.”

“She’s kind of a sketchy person because she is about feminism and everything, but then I saw this quote.”

“Makes me dislike her even more I guess.”

“She’s very untrustworthy in my eyes.”

“She’s just going with whatever is hot at the moment.”

“If she claims to stand for all these things, but then she says the opposite, then people would probably question voting for her.”

Watch the video below:

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