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Marilyn Mosby’s Freddie Gray case against Baltimore cop reportedly ‘laughed’ out of court

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For the second time Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has lost her case against one of the police officers involved in the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray. The charges were such a farce that the judge reportedly laughed them out of court.

You’ll recall that in 2015 Freddie Gray was picked up by Baltimore police for resisting arrest but between the street corner where he was picked up and his arrival at the police station he had somehow suffered a broken neck in the back of the paddy wagon transporting him. Gray soon died from his injuries. His death sparked weeks of protests and riots in the city which in turn spurred State’s Attorney Mosby to indict all the police officers involved in his apprehension.

On Thursday, Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson, who drove the paddy wagon transporting Gray, was acquitted on all charges. The most serious charge was a second-degree depraved-heart murder charge. Goodson was also painted by Mosby’s office as the most culpable officer in Gray’s death. His acquittal on all counts is a firm sign the rest of Mosby’s cases are doomed to fail.

But the actions of the judge in the Goodson case pretty much makes Mosby’s further prosecution look like a joke. A literal joke as the judge is reported to have laughed out loud at the charges.

As Fox News Insider noted, “The Kelly File” host Megyn Kelly reported that Circuit Judge Barry Williams literally laughed out loud at the charges being presented against Goodson  by Mosby’s team.

In a conversation with lawyer Andell Brown, Kelly said the “straight-shooter judge laughed (the prosecution led by State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby) out of court on that allegation.”

This certainly doesn’t bode well for Mosby’s other cases, especially when she maintained Goodson was the worst of the bunch of the six officer she indicted.

This isn’t the first failed case Mosby brought against a police officer in the Gray case. Only weeks ago officer William Porter was also acquitted on all charges.

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