Computer nerd who set up Hillary’s private email server pleads ‘The Fifth’ OVER 100 TIMES

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The techy who helped then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton set up her illegal, private email server hidden away in her New York home finally appeared to testify about his actions, but instead of coming clean with the American people, he pleaded the Fifth over 100 times to avoid telling the truth.

According to ABC News, on Wednesday Clinton IT man Bryan Pagliano was deposed as part of a lawsuit over Clinton’s illegal email account brought by the Washington watchdog group Judicial Watch.

But Pagliano’s testimony wasn’t much good because he steadfastly refused to answer any questions. As ABC noted:

As for Pagliano, aside from stating his full name and answering “yes” to a few procedural questions (such as whether or not his name had been pronounced correctly), everything else he uttered was the same: “On the advice of counsel, I will decline to answer your question in reliance on my rights under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

The case revolves around Obama Secretary of State Clinton’s violation of national security laws by using a private, unsecure email account to pass around national secrets. The account was easily hackable by foreign powers seeking to learn information about vital American secrets.

Judicial Watch has released the transcript of Pagliano’s empty testimony and it shows his unbelievable refusal to tell the truth.

Hillary spent months insisting that she sent no classified emails from the private server hidden away in her New York home, but a review of the tens of thousands of emails she sent proves that she sent well over 2,000 emails with classified information. These emails are a breach of national security laws and a violation of her oath of office.

The presumptive Democrat nominee for president also continues to say her email scandal is no big deal, but a recent poll found that most Americans think she is lying about her emails.

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