When news broke a young man tried to assassinate Trump, liberals had a truly repulsive reaction

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The reaction by liberals to reports that a British man tried to grab a police officer’s gun at a Donald Trump campaign event so he could kill the presumptive GOP nominee is as disgraceful as the actions of the sad sack wannabe assassin.

That Michael Steven Sandford is an illegal immigrant only adds to the drama.

But instead of the hyperventilating commonly seen in response to the slightest threat leveled at their messiah, President Barack Obama, liberals took to social media to cheer the Brit on. Some even offered to help raise his bail money:

One user when so far as to say, “Dear guy who tried to kill Trump today, you are my hero,” according to Breitbart News.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but here’s a sampling of other despicable reactions that capture just how volatile the 2016 election has become:

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Tom Tillison


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