Battle over billboards: Congressional candidate defends ‘Make America White Again’ campaign

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A Tennessee congressional candidate has erected billboards in Polk County that are stirring up quite a controversy all over social media, but he says, it’s the truth.

Rick Tyler, an independent candidate running in Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district, put up the billboards, one which reads “Make America White Again” and another that depicts the White House flanked in Confederate flags, according to WSMV.

Tyler says his signs aren’t racist, they’re just speaking the truth, saying that residents actually like the signs.

Tyler told Channel 3, he has no hatred in his heart for “people of color.” He says the sign’s message is that America should go back to a “1960s, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver time when there were no break-ins; no violent crime; no mass immigration.”

Several Channel 3 viewers have called or sent messages to our newsroom, saying the signs do not reflect the feelings of the entire county and that they want them down.

Tyler said, “I respect their right to have an opinion. I believe the majority of the people in the county like it.”

“I saw people taking pictures beside it right after I posted it,” added Tyler.

Tyler said he does not fear for his life, despite some residents demanding the billboards come down, saying that the country has become too offended-by-everything.

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