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Trump’s war chest has critics salivating – but fans aren’t the least bit concerned

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Donald Trump is facing a financial disadvantage of epic proportion as he enters the campaign for the general election.

Trump trailed Hillary Clinton by more than $41 million, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday, The Daily Mail reported.

He raised $3.1 million in May but was forced to lend himself $2 million to meet costs, while Clinton’s campaign brought in more than $28 million in the same month, the Mail reported. Clinton’s campaign reportedly had $42 million as of May 31.

Relying on smaller donations until now, the Trump campaign is aiming to raise $500 million over the next five months, according to the Mail.  After an aggressive campaign this month, more than $8 million was raised in 10 days but it is a far cry from Clinton’s war chest. Her super PAC Priorities USA reported an additional $52 million, while one of Trump’s super PAC’s has $500,000.

A breakdown of expenses left many social media users focused on one line item.

Social media also launched a new hashtag to mock the presumptive GOP nominee and his staggering deficit.

But Trump has continued to defy conventional wisdom, and he may yet surprise his detractors by keeping his campaign lean while still raking in donations from major donors.

Twitter users varied in their reactions.

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