Private eye offers to sell alleged Whitewater scandal docs to Trump

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A private investigator has reportedly offered to sell Donald Trump documents from the Whitewater investigation of the Clintons from the 1990’s.

The Arkansas investigator claimed to have found documents from special prosecutor Ken Starr relating to the more than six-year probe into the Clintons’ land deals, the New York Post reported.

Although a top Trump official reportedly communicated with the investigator, no agreements had been reached, according to the Post.

The Post reported:

The documents include details of questionable real-estate transactions involving the Clintons; information on the 1993 suicide of While House aide Vince Foster; and a blueprint for an indictment of Hillary Clinton — a case that was never pursued.

The documents, which bear official markings, are believed to have come from one of Starr’s top lieutenants who was using the Arkansas investigator’s services during the Whitewater probe.


The investigations had been focused on then-president Bill Clinton but Hillary was part of many of the financial transactions, making the documents pertinent to the current election campaign. There was no information on the terms of the offer or whether the Trump campaign would purchase the documents, according to the Post.

The National Archives has not been willing to turn over Whitewater investigation documents and it is not clear if the investigator’s find is available anywhere else.




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