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Ouch! Hillary thinks interview with Latino radio host is slam dunk, until he reveals why his family’s voting Trump

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Hillary got quite the surprise when she took time for what she no doubt thought was going to be a slam-dunk interview.

Latino syndicated radio host Enrique Santos might be an adoring fan of the Democrat presidential candidate, but that doesn’t mean his family is.

During an otherwise chummy back and forth, Santos dropped the reality-bomb on Hillary Monday, revealing the ugly truth of what his family really thinks of the former first lady.

“My father’s voting for Trump because he says he can’t trust you. My mother says you’re a crook and my brother says you should go to jail.

“How would you convince them to sit on your side of the field?” he asked Hillary during the phone interview on Monday.


The interview can heard below and Santos’ comments come at around the 15:00 mark.

Hillary responded by playing victim.

“Well, number one, I would ask them not to be listening to the negative attacks that have been relentless against me,” she responded.

She went on to tout her record as Secretary of State (really?) and reiterated that Santos’ family should tune out anything coming from the Republican Party as a whole or Donald Trump.

Wouldn’t that be convenient?

Santos apparently agreed, and ended the interview calling Hillary a “sweetheart.”

Last I checked someone who refused to help Americans left to endure a tortuous death at the hands of Radical Islam and then went on to lie to the grieving faces of their families, is not normally considered a “sweetheart.”

But then again, Santos has all but admitted he’s tuning that out.

H/T: American Mirror.com

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