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Sen. Jeff Sessions likens Trump to Bush 41; does he make a good point?

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U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions compared Donald Trump to George H.W. Bush on Sunday in response to recent polling numbers.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” the Alabama Republican found himself in the position of defending Trump — Sessions endorsed the candidate back in February — after host Chris Wallace brought up recent inflammatory remarks the presumptive GOP nominee made, to include hitting President Barack Obama for not understanding the threat of radical Islam.

“Hasn’t Trump squandered the last few weeks?” Wallace asked after citing a Real Clear Politics poll average showing Trump down by six points.

“I don’t think he’s squandered it, but it’s been a difficult time. And the people want to vote for him,” Sessions replied. “He’s correct on the issues. And I think tone can improve over time.”

He then compared the real estate tycoon to Bush senior in saying the criticism of Trump is premature.

“But I would just say, I remember former President Bush senior was down fifteen points at the time of the convention in August and then won with a huge victory,” he added. “So I just think this is premature.”

Sessions went on to say issues like trade, immigration, jobs and gridlock in Washington are what’s going to work for Trump.

In an appearance on CNN’s”State of the Union,” Sessions defended Trump’s call for a temporarily ban on immigration from volatile countries with a history of terrorism.

The full interview with Wallace can be seen here:

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