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Rep. Marsha Blackburn is ON the Trump Train, but would she accept VP if asked?

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We Tennesseans have known the indefatigable Representative Marsha Blackburn for almost a quarter century, but as her star continues to rise, could a Vice-Presidential run be in the works?

At a New Hampshire Republican fundraiser on Friday, the Tennessee Congressman (Blackburn is one of three female Representatives who use the term Congressman instead of Congresswoman) was asked if she would be open to be Donald Trump’s running mate. She responded, “no one would ever say no to that.”

Asked a similar question during an interview at CPAC in March, Blackburn said she’d definitely consider it, but an offer wasn’t likely based on her home state. “Anybody would consider that offer. I know it won’t be me. I’m not from a toss-up state or a purple state, but it is so nice when your colleagues and friends and people that you know say we think you would be worthy of consideration. That’s just nice to hear.”

Blackburn is a strong supporter of Donald Trump and a longtime immigration patriot who backs Trump’s immigration policies. Similar to Trump’s position, she has called for a refugee “timeout” until proper security measures can be put into place, telling WMUR9 ABC, “The thing is to look at the refugee program and halt it. You call a timeout and get this fixed. There are a majority [of Republicans] who feel that we should have a program where we can vet the individuals. The majority agrees with that. The majority agrees that if we have to call a timeout while we get that in place, that it’s common sense and we ought to do that.”

The Congressman has even begun introducing part of Trump’s plan to the U.S. House of Representatives, sponsoring a bill that would halt refugee resettlement funding until specific provisions are met to protect American taxpayers, American security, and American jobs.

It’s impossible to predict who Trump will choose, but he could definitely do a lot worse than Tennessee’s Iron Lady. If a LOT more Americans find out about Marsha Blackburn in the coming weeks, we’d all be better off.

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Scott Morefield


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