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Obama impersonating a bear only half as ridiculous as campaign for people ‘of color’ in national parks

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President Obama paid a visit to Yosemite National Park on Saturday to deliver a speech about the dangers of climate change.

In typical limousine liberal hypocrite fashion he arrived in Air Force one with a bevy of carbon emitting helicopters and a motorcade.

A photo of the event, tweeted by CBS’ Mark Knoller, showed the president doing a bear impression for children while they shouted “go away.”

The same thing half the nation has been shouting at him for more than seven years.

Obama spoke on some of the issues the Centennial Initiative asked him to address this past August.

The Initiative says it is a “a first-of-its-kind coalition of civil rights, environmental justice, conservation groups and community leaders and activists” designed to “increase inclusion and representation of America’s communities of color in our national parks and other public lands.”

It’s the same organization that called for the change of park rangers vehicles and uniforms because they looked too much like U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services equipment, and that intimidated illegal aliens.

Carmine Sabia


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