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Man pleads with gay community to vote for Donald Trump

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A gay man took to YouTube, following the Orlando terrorist attack in which 49 people were slaughtered in a gay nightclub, to urge people to vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

“In November, we have two options. You may not like either of them,” he said in the emotional video. “You have Hillary Clinton and you have Donald Trump. And all I can say right now is that Hillary Clinton is politicizing this and talking about gun control. And Donald Trump, for all his faults, has the courage to stand up and call it what it is. Radical Islam. It is terrorism. They’re killing us, you guys. They’re killing us.”

He blasted Clinton, who he said would “make our borders less secure” and “take away our ability to defend ourselves” for changing the narrative from terrorism to guns.

“Hillary Clinton is up there talking about guns. And I just wanted to pull my hair out of my head in frustration because this isn’t about guns,” he said.

“It’s not guns, It’s terrorism. Say it. It’s radical Islam. Say it. Why won’t Obama say it? Why won’t they say it?”

He implored members of the LGBT community to “stand up” and not be ashamed of wanting to “stamp out evil.”

“Hillary would have you be ashamed of it,” he said.

Watch the video below.

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Carmine Sabia


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