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GOP ‘insiders’ asked to name Trump’s top 6 VP choices–there are some surprising ones

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With only a month left to pick his vice president, insiders to Donald Trump’s campaign are saying Republicans are divided over who he should choose.

Members of the POLITICO caucus in about 10 key states voted and revealed just who Trump should be picking and who he is most-likely eyeing for the job.

Here are the results:

  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich – 13 percent
  • Florida Sen. Marco Rubio – 9 percent
  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich – 8 percent
  • Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice – 8 percent
  • Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst – 7 percent
  • Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions – 7 percent

A number of democrats and nonpartisan insiders said Rubio should be Trump’s vice presidential pick, while Republican insiders overwhelmingly chose Gingrich for the position.

“He’s intimately knowledgeable how Congress works and has a keen understanding of how to push the Executive Branch,” a Republican insider from Florida told POLITICO. “Speaker Gingrich also brings the conservative credibility that should assuage some of the establishment class which is licking their wounds after being squeezed and beaten for the past year.”

“He is excellent on his feet,” said a Republican insider from Virginia.

Trump is expected to reveal his running mate for the presidential ticket at the Republican National Convention next month.

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