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GOP congressman boldly says what no one else will about Islamic community and gays

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“The left seems to run away from the reality of this anger…”

Following the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack, Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Al, was speaking in an interview with WND against the violence and terror that revolves around the Islamic religion, and he’s not apologizing for it.

“The left seems to run away from the reality [of] this anger and almost hatred toward homosexuality and freedom of choice,” Brooks said.

Brooks then defended Christians, who are often lambasted in the media for their religious beliefs, while Islamic beliefs are hardly debated.

“The Christian faith can disagree with the lifestyle,” Brooks continued. “The Christian faith can say, well, this goes against the teachings of what I believe. But I don’t know of any mainstream Christians that are out there saying that homosexuals need to be put to death.”

“We have nations, Muslim-based nations – Saudi Arabia is an example – saying that homosexuality is punishable by death,” Brooks said. “This is mainstream Muslim thought. And the left simply refuses to face this fact.”

The most chilling aspect of Brooks’ statements was his assertion that the Democratic party is using the Muslim community to get votes, while also pandering to interest groups that are despised within Islamic teachings.

“Well, it’s probably because they’re counting votes,” the Alabama congressman said. “And they’re seeking a block vote from the Muslim community in the United States. And that’s a community that is increasing in political power, as it’s doing in Europe. More and more votes are there, and the Democrats are in a perplexing position.”

“On the one hand, they’re trying to appeal to the gay community,” he said. “But on the other hand, they’re trying to also appeal to the Muslim community, which, if it had its way, would kill every homosexual in the United States of America.”

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