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Red flags go up as Sharia type rule plays out during Muslim mayor’s speech in London

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During a speech in Manchester, England, London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged UK voters to vote to stay in the European Union, but that was hardly what stood out about the speech.

The blog Guido Fawkes posted a photo it claims was taken at the speech, and shows Muslim women in hijabs standing at the back of the audience, while Muslim men crowd around Khan at the front.

Take a look:

Muslim mayor speech full

Why? It’s reasonable to assume because Sharia Law permits that men are superior to their female counterparts.

Khan became the first Muslim mayor of London, which worried a number of Brits as they see their country outnumbered by Middle Eastern migrants.

And just last week, Khan announced that he would be banning scantily clad advertising of women across London because of “body-shaming.” Though, Islamic traditions teach that women must be covered from head-to-toe, and many viewed the ban as troublesome red flag of what’s to come.

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H/T: Breitbart.com

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