Military and terrorism expert says Obama and Hillary responsible for a world ‘on fire’

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka, an expert on counterinsurgency and counter-terrorism, told Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday that every region that President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has touched throughout the world has turned to, well, manure.

“Wherever you look, the world is on fire. In the Middle East. In Africa. In South Asia,” said Gorka, who is the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University and the Chairman of Threat Knowledge Group.

“Wherever they have touched a region, our enemies are emboldened and our friends and allies are fearful. Whoever the next president is, it will be a job of Herculean proportions to win back the confidence of everybody who no longer trusts us because of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy and the national security policy of Barack Obama.”

Before he gave that analysis, Hannity summarized a list of millions of dollars in donations that Middle Eastern countries — known for state-sponsored abuse of women and gays — have given to the Clinton Foundation.

Gorka remarked that if the liberal media such as The Huffington Post were to publish that information, the Clinton campaign would “go down in flames.”

“For the Democrat party today, reality is optional,” he said. “It has been kidnapped by the Alinskyites. For them, it is just the cause. You say whatever you like as long as you can maintain power. It’s not about truth, Sean, anymore, it’s about staying in power and getting the millions.”

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