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Marine vet’s way of showing how Orlando shooter could fire so many rounds that fast goes mega-viral

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In the wake of the tragic shooting at an Orlando nightclub late Saturday, the worst in U.S. history, there have been plenty of theories floated around.

Chief among them is that the radicalized Muslim gunman did not act alone — even while law enforcement insists otherwise.

With a seemingly confused witness or two contributing to the theories, there are questions about how the gunman could have concealed a long gun and the ammunition he would have needed to fire as many shots as he did.

Leave it to a U.S. Marine veteran to put those concerns to rest.

Rob Buck posted a video on Facebook showing just how easy it is to conceal a rifle and multiple clips of ammunition.

The Marine vet also showed how quick a rifle can be loaded, leaving little doubt that Mateen alone could have killed 49 people and wound another 53.

The stunning video has been seen 12 million times as of this writing:

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Tom Tillison


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