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Black Trump supporting teen OWNS protesters with facts and logic

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“Just because you’re born in another country doesn’t mean you’re illegal…”

Three teenagers who support GOP nominee Donald Trump for president were confronted by a Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist with screaming and pointing.

That’s when one of the Trump supporters, a black teenager, stepped up and took the liberal activist to task using calmed reasoning and facts.

“T-R-U-M-P, we’re gonna trump Hillary,” the teenagers said with Trump signs, right before the BLM activist began accusing them of racism.

“That’s sad, that’s real sad. He’s against you,” the activist told the black Trump supporter. “Why would you support a racist? He’s gonna send you back to Africa, that’s what he said, he’s gonna send the Mexicans back to Mexico. You are a disgrace to America for being a young black man to support a racist.”

“How do your parents feel about you holding a Trump sign,”” the activist asked.

“They support him too,” he replied.

“Well then they’re a disgrace to America too because he doesn’t like you or your parents,” the activist said back.

Then, the activist tried to debate actual Trump policy, and that’s when the Trump supporter took the activist to the woodshed.

“What has he specifically said that’s racist,” the teen asked the activist. Naturally, the activist never answered the question.

“His wife is illegal, she was born in Europe,” the activist argued.

“Just because you’re born in another country doesn’t mean you’re illegal,” the Trump-teen replied.

Last we checked, Melania Trump was an immigrant who came to the U.S. legally.

But the young patriot was just getting started. Don’t miss the video.

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h/t: Red Alert Politics

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