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Pro-Hillary website sells shocking Trump severed head shirts that would make any jihadist proud

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In more news that makes the skin crawl …

The uber-Liberal website “Wonkette” reached a new low trying to raise funds by selling shirts that would make any blood-thirsty jihadist proud.

The anti-Trump attire features a shirt with Hillary holding Trump’s severed head. Of course, the site tried to rationalize its sensational item with a quick “history lesson.”

head pic

As it is childishly explained by Wonkette:

Do you know the story of Judith and Holofernes? Judith was a rad Jewish woman, and Holofernes was a … Roman? general who wanted to rape her. She was like “cool, Holofernes, I will just come to your tent and attend to your boner, no problem, awesome Jewish chick coming at ya,” and then she CUT OFF HIS HEAD.

Because nothing says “take me seriously” like severed heads and the use of the 1980’s valley girl term,”rad.” But being taken seriously is not something that seems too important to a “peace-loving” group that capitalizes on the current volatile political climate.

Now imagine, if the situation were reversed, with Trump holding Hillary’s head? The shirt would be on the mainstream news circuit 24/7 as a symptom of the violent-intolerant right.

But what else could you expect from a site that is also promoting an oh-so-original “Truck Fump” shirt that can be worn in-front of the kids at Disney as you constantly scan the perimeters for potential terror threats thanks to Obama’s fundamentally changed America.

Way to go wankers… ahem, I mean, “wonkers.”


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