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A Muslim cleric joins Greta to talk about Hillary’s ‘menses’ & beheading journalists…

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Talk about a jaw dropping statement.

American Imam Abu Taubah questioned whether presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was fit to be commander-in-chief of the United States because of her menstrual cycle.

Appearing Tuesday on Fox News’ “On the Record,” Taubah, aka Marcus Robertson, was asked about the presidential race and said he did not like Clinton or presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The Muslim cleric said he likes some of Trump’s “braggish, crazy ways,” before adding that the candidate “plays too much to ignorance.” He then offered a bold reason why he doesn’t want Clinton to be president.

“As a Muslim, I object to Hillary Clinton,” the imam said. “I don’t believe a woman should be the president of a nation… What if she’s on her menses and it’s time to go to war? She’s gonna press the button ‘cause she’s angry?”

And this came after Taubah CONDONED stoning women for adultery, which he compared to “getting the electric chair.”

In effect, he believes adultery is a capital offense… but the imam wasn’t finished with his seventh century ideology.

At one point, host Greta Van Susteren mentioned the beheading of American journalist James Foley and Taubah responded with another jaw dropping statement.

“I believe some journalists need to be beheaded,” he said. “But I wouldn’t have done that.”

When a stunned Van Susteren pressed him on that remark, the cleric replied, “I only say that facetiously.”

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