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Witness accounts say multiple shooters were in nightclub, claims media isn’t telling everything

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The official story from the FBI and local authorities says that one shooter, Omar Mateen, murdered 49 people and injured an additional 53 on Sunday morning in Orlando at the Pulse gay nightclub.

But rumors have persisted since the massacre that more than one shooter was present.

A post from a man named Cody Agnew told the story of a victim who claims to have seen multiple attackers, according to Agnew.

Cody Agnew

Agnew doesn’t name the woman but it appears to be Lisa Morales Delgado, who was shot 12 times and said she saw three shooters. Agnew has been making prayer requests for her on social media.

Cody Agnew

A link to his original post shows that it has been deleted but screenshots still exist and have gone viral.

That story jibes with what another witness said he overheard the gunman say.

“(Mateen) called somebody else that he knew and he mentioned that he was the fourth shooter and there was three others,” the witness told ABC’s 20/20.

Orlando police took to social media to dispel the witness accounts.

Officials are still investigating but said there is no indication Mateen had any accomplices prior to the attack.

Some are asking, is this a fog of war-type recollection or is there something more to it?

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