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Sarah Palin shames Paul Ryan to send a clear message about Trump’s Muslim ban

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Conservative icon Sarah Palin said House Speaker Paul Ryan is “out of touch” when it comes to Islamic terrorism and trashed him for criticizing GOP nominee Donald Trump’s hard-line stance against Islamic jihad.

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In an interview on Breitbart News Sunday, Palin singled out Ryan, saying “Paul Ryan is out of touch with his constituents. Those who have put their faith in him with their sacred vote.”

Leaders like Ryan have not come up with the plan or the will to confront the threat, she said. “What is the number of lives lost before our leadership will wake up and deal with the problem?”

The problem is radical Islam, she said.

“It’s a deadly ideology. It is embraced by people who lie,” she said. “They will strike again. They will continue.”

Palin, in her usual anti-establishment fashion, mimicked what Trump often says in his stump speech, saying “The permanent political class — they don’t care who wins an election as long as they are protected, their pocketbook, their power, their name tag that they get to wear with a big title on it.”

Palin continued by saying that Trump “is like this blue-collar billionaire in touch with the people.”

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