Reince Preibus tells Mitt Romney to STOP IT: Trump’s going to win with or without you

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Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Republican National Convention (RNC) Chairman Reince Preibus are feuding like never before over Donald Trump’s GOP nomination.

After Romney trashed Trump and said he would not be supporting him for president, Preibus took to Twitter to call out Romney for not backing the party’s candidate.

Preibus also gave Romney a stern warning that Trump and the Republican Party does not need Romney and his donors to win against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election, according to the Washington Post.

Then came Trump’s boosters, awkwardly imploring about 300 business executives and GOP establishment donors and strategists gathered here for Romney’s annual ideas festival to unite for the fall campaign. In a stroke of defiance, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus declared that Trump and the GOP would win in November “with or without you,” according to attendees.

So went the three-day Romney-hosted E2 summit that concluded here Saturday in this luxurious mountaintop resort. The confab put on stark display the Republican Party’s moral and philosophical divisions over its new standard-bearer and underscored the difficulty that Trump and allies such as Priebus will have to consolidate forces at the start of a general election in which Democrat Hillary Clinton is favored.


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