Obama uses Muhammad Ali’s funeral to give a shout out – guess who he props up?

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President Obama did not make it to Muhammad Ali’s funeral because he was attending the high school graduation of his daughter Malia on Friday.

But he still managed to try to steal the spotlight from the former heavyweight champion of the world.

His senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, represented the first family at the event and delivered a statement written by the president that put the focus squarely where he thought it belonged.

On him.

“He had everything stripped from him, his titles, his standing, his money, his passion. Very nearly his freedom. But Ali still chose America,” the statement read.

“I imagine he knew that only here in this country could he win it all back. So he chose to help perfect a union where a descendent of slaves can become the king of the world,” it continued. “And in the process, in the process, lend some dignity to all of us. Maids, porters, students, an elderly bathroom attendant, and helped inspire a young, mixed kid with a funny name to have the audacity to believe he could be anything, even the president of the United States!”

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h/t: Twitchy.

Carmine Sabia


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