Speaker Ryan tells Stephanopoulos he personally reprimanded Trump over judge remarks

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House Speaker Paul Ryan has taken plenty of heat from supporters of Donald Trump for his criticism of controversial remarks the presumptive Republican presidential nominee made about U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, but that has not deterred the Wisconsin lawmaker.

During an appearance Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Ryan went so far as to say he personally reprimanded Trump for the remarks.

“I have… and I have explained to him exactly what I thought about that comment,” Ryan said when asked by host George Stephanopoulos if he has spoken to Trump.

The Hill reported that a spokesperson for Ryan’s office said that Trump had called the Speaker.

Ryan endorsed Trump last week, but said Tuesday that the candidate’s  remarks about Curiel’s Mexican heritage was “the textbook definition of racist comments.”

And he doubled down on that position Friday.

“This is something that needed to be condemned,” Ryan said Friday. “That comment is beyond the pale. That is not politically correctness – suggesting that a person cannot do their job because of their race or ethnicity. That is not a politically incorrect thing to do, that’s just a wrong thing to say.”

He told Stephanopoulos the controversy is a distraction in getting the Republican message out to voters and that he hopes the Trump campaign “will move in a better direction.”

“We want to offer the country a clear and compelling choice so that we can earn a mandate from the nation to fix our country’s problems, and those kinds of comments get in the way of that kind of dialogue we need to have,” Ryan said.

“That’s why I did that. That’s why I spoke out against it, and it won’t be the last time if this continues,” he added. “Hopefully, this won’t continue… Hopefully, the campaign will move in a better direction so it will be one that we can be proud of.”

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