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Damning new poll shows overwhelming majority of Americans think Hillary’s lying about her emails

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By an astounding margin, Americans believe that Hillary Clinton is lying to the public about her email scandal and that her use of a private server to conduct official business while serving as secretary of state put the nation at risk.

A full 60 percent of the random national sample of 1,004 registered voters polled believe that Clinton is lying about her emails, versus 27 percent who believe she is not, according to Fox News.

And by a 57-32 percent margin, the respondents said she put U.S. national security at risk by mishandling classified information.


The poll was conducted jointly by Republican pollster Daron Shaw and Democratic pollster Chris Anderson on June 5-8, 2016, on behalf of Fox News.

“Clinton’s explanations are clearly not cutting it with voters,” Shaw said of the poll results.

“This issue continues to act as a drag on her personal ratings.”

But the real question is whether it has an effect on her presidential campaign.

“The question is whether beliefs about Clinton’s handling of emails are already fully baked into perceptions of her, or if the issue can drag her down further,” Anderson said.

“Her emails must be the most talked about in the history of emails.  Some voters are certainly bored with the issue and tuning it out.”

Thirty-five percent of the respondents who identified as Democrats believed Clinton is lying about her emails, and 27 percent of those who support Clinton over Donald Trump believe she’s lying.

Thirty-two percent of those self-described Democrats believe Clinton put national security at risk.

Late last month, the State Department’s inspector general released a report that Clinton failed to comply with federal reporting requirements with respect to her emails.

“Therefore, Secretary Clinton should have preserved any Federal records she created and received on her personal account by printing and filing those records with the related files in the Office of the Secretary,” the report concluded.

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Clip via Fox News Channel.


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