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After phone call from Obama, Bernie joins anti-Trump alliance–then Hillary gets ‘slap in the face’

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders met with President Obama on Thursday and emerged from the pow-wow pledging to unite with Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

Does that mean Sanders has seen the writing on the wall and is dropping out of the presidential race?

Not so fast.

While he did say he called Clinton to congratulate her on a “strong campaign” and insisted that Trump “would be a disaster as president of the United States,” he wasn’t ready to get out of the race.

The “Democratic socialist” pledged to stay in and compete in the Washington D.C. primary next Tuesday.

“Next Tuesday, here in Washington, you will be having the very last primary of the Democratic nominating process,” Sanders said at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium Thursday night, hours after his meeting with the president. “It would be extraordinary if the people of Washington, our nation’s capital, stood up and told the world that they are ready to lead this country into a political revolution.”

And even with a full endorsement it is going to be tough for Clinton to switch Sanders supporters.

The Huffington Post reported it couldn’t find many Sanders supporters at the rally that are willing to vote for the former secretary of state.

“I would feel terrible if [Sanders] just endorsed Hillary and that was it,” 69-year-old Susan Shufelt told the Post. “I want him to do something that will help get money out of politics and help reduce income inequality, the things he talked about during the campaign. I’m not hopeful because Hillary is so connected to money, her husband has his foundation, I don’t see any hope with her. … But I promised my friends I will keep an open mind, those who are a little less rigid than me.”

Comedy website “Funny Or Die” had its own interesting take on what a conversation between the two Democratic candidates might look like right now.

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