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Guns N’ Roses singer is taking drastic action to stop people from sharing these ‘Fat Axl’ photos

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Rock star Axl Rose has issued a take-down notice to Google for a less than flattering photo of him that has spawned a series of internet memes.

The Guns N’ Roses frontman is demanding that a 2010 photo of him, sporting a few more pounds than fans remember him with, be scrubbed from the internet, Time reported.

Rose filed copyright notices, using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which serves as a kind of cease-and-desist order to limit unauthorized use of artists’ work. Rose alleges that photographer Brian Minkevich did not sign a release at the show in Winnipeg, Canada where the photos originated. That would mean that the photo is the singer’s property and he wants it pulled off the internet.

The photo, and all the associated memes, are still online, however.

The memes use the photo and change the lyrics to Guns N Roses songs to poke fun at the singer’s weight.  Lines like “Welcome to the Jungle, we got tons of cake” and “Sweet Pie o’ mine abound on Twitter.

The jokes are now even using lyrics from AC/DC songs, a band Rose is currently with.

It may be impossible to remove the image and the memes at this point, as Rose’s demands and actions have only inspired more people to make fun of him.

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Frieda Powers


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