Body-building Trump supporter egged by rioters–drops pun that really puts their rude behavior in its place

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The woman who got egged after a San Jose Donald Trump rally last week has been identified as as someone who’s tough and doesn’t give up easily.

She’s Florida native Rachel Casey, 29, a physical therapist, personal trainer and body builder who only recently moved to San Jose.

Casey stood her ground and even taunted the crowd with her Trump shirt when protesters trapped her in front of a Marriott hotel and pelted her with eggs.

“She doesn’t intimidate easily,” Casey’s father told Inside Edition.

Casey shared her own cellphone footage with Inside Edition that showed her giving “the middle finger” to a protester in response to his obscene gesture. It also shows her being hit with a protest sign.

“They started it with me. I stood up for myself just like any American would,” Casey said.

Then Casey offered this, possibly unintentional pun, “Yeah, maybe I egged them on, but I was sticking up for myself.”

And judging from her own video, she certainly was.

Meanwhile, police want her to file a complaint over the incident.

“Ms. Casey has not returned investigators calls and has yet to file a police report,” San Jose police told Inside Edition. “Please have Ms.Casey contact investigators immediately.”

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Clip via Inside Edition.


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