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Hillary Clinton was just declared the Dems’ winner and Bernie isn’t handling it well

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Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee — but you wouldn’t know it by looking at Sen. Bernie Sanders. Like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going.

The Associated Press announced that the former secretary of state has officially secured the 2,383 Democratic delegates she needed to put her party’s nomination in the bag.

Meanwhile, the Vermont Democratic socialist is assuming it’s going to be a contested convention next month in Philadelphia.

As Fox News analyst Howard Kurtz said, “What else has he got to do?”

Sanders is 74. As they say, there’s no fool like an old fool.

“He has to pin his hopes on the notion of he’s going to flip the super delegates,” Kurtz said. “But here’s the problem. Ninety percent of the super delegates are for Hillary Clinton.”

And the reason for that is simple. Although Sanders is running as a Democrat, he officially sits in the Senate as an Independent.

He started out as a candidate in name only — doing very little campaigning, concentrating most of his efforts on his senatorial duties. But then his messaging began bearing fruit and he started drawing huge crowd.

The Washington Post reported:

According to interviews with the candidate, his advisers, allies and other Democrats, Sanders fell short because of missed opportunities, a failure to connect with key constituencies and stubborn strategy decisions.

Perhaps the campaign’s biggest mistake was not realizing early on that Sanders could win. That led to a slow start, both in building the infrastructure needed to run a national campaign and in Sanders’s own presence among voters who knew little about him.


“Bernie didn’t grow up thinking he was going to be president,” former Vermont governor Howard Dean said, according to The Post. “To come as close as he has, it’s damn hard to let go.”

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Clip via Fox News Channel.


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