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Trump viewed by Americans as far more honest than Hillary–and it’s not even close!

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A Rasmussen Report released Wednesday revealed that Americans view presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as being twice as honest as his Democratic counterpart, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The poll indicated that 30 percent believe Trump “is more honest than most other politicians.”

The pollster indicated, however, that “Just half as many — 15 percent — think Clinton is more honest than most of her peers.”

The Washington Examiner reported:

The honesty gap for Clinton is evident even among Democrats. For example, only 27 percent believe Clinton is more honest than other politicians. But 50 percent of Republicans believe Trump is more honest than other politicians.


From her earliest days as a 27-year-old staffer on the House Judiciary Committee and working on the Watergate scandal, Clinton has displayed a pattern of lies and deceit.

They include Whitewater, TravelGate, Benghazi, her Bosnian sniper claim and her current email server scandal.

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Clip via Washington Examiner.


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