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Hillary tries to one-up Donald Trump on Mexican judge; invites fans to go after Trump’s heritage

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A comment made Saturday by Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton turned Donald Trump’s German heritage into a campaign issue.

KABC Channel 7 reporter Elex Michaelson asked Clinton about Trump’s attacks on the Mexican heritage of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee has often said that the judge should recuse himself from hearing the lawsuit brought against the former Trump University.

“We are dealing with somebody who is a demagogue, who would rip up our most valued beliefs,” Clinton said at about the 5:05 mark in the video clip.

“Yes, [Curiel is] of Mexican heritage. Donald Trump is apparently of German heritage. I mean, what does that mean? We’re all Americans.”

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Clip via Michaelson’s Facebook page.

Clinton told a crowd at a California rally the day before that, “We’re electing a president, not a dictator.”

That was all it took for her supporters to make the leap that Trump’s a Nazi.

“We can all hear the ‘dog whistle’ — she’s calling ‘Trump’ a Nazi because he’s German,” James Sweitzer posted, according to The New York Post.

Saturday wasn’t the first time the former secretary of state had played the “Hitler card.” In August she claimed the GOP wanted to “go and literally pull [illegal immigrants] out of their homes and their workplaces.”

“Round them up, put them, I don’t know, in buses, boxcars, in order to take them across our border,” she said, in a clear reference to the trains that sent Jews and Poles to concentration camps.


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