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Tucker Carlson poses devastating question on immigration, and Alan Colmes can’t respond like a liberal

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Friday night on “The Kelly File,” guest host Trish Regan had Tucker Carlson and Alan Colmes in to discuss the most recent dismal jobs report from the Labor Department showing the U.S. economy adding only 38,000 jobs in May, the lowest in 5 years.

While the official unemployment rate declined to 4.7 percent, nearly a half-million unemployed Americans stopped looking for work, resulting in what Tucker Carlson said was the lowest labor force participation “since Jimmy Carter was President.”

The question posed to the panelists by Regan was, “Does bad economy give Trump an advantage?”

Answering in the affirmative, Carlson asked a question most Americans are asking, saying, “By the way, for every immigrant allowed into this country, under the Obama Presidency, there has been half a job created – two immigrants for every job. Here’s my question – it’s really simple. Why would the administration let in twice as many immigrants as jobs that are being created during the same period?”

Colmes, instead of giving the typical liberal tripe about our country needing more immigrants because, well just because! – responded by defending the Obama Administration for its supposed deportation success.

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When challenged by Carlson on that point (because in actuality, the Obama Administration’s lax deportation procedures amount to a de facto amnesty), Colmes doubled down by saying the Cato Administration agreed with him.

In truth, when pressed with such brutal logic, there is no other place for a liberal to go. Nobody can defend bringing in the number of immigrants our elites are determined to shove down our throats when Americans can’t even find decent jobs themselves. Nobody.

Undeterred, Carlson continued pressing the inescapable truth.

“You can’t escape in the last two years three million immigrants have come to the United States. We haven’t created three million jobs in the last two years.”

Regan added that it’s not just about immigrants, but also normal population growth with people already here. We have to add at least 150,000 jobs a month just to keep up with that and, according to Regan, the jobs that we are creating are low paying, low skilled jobs.

Bingo! It’s no wonder that the immigration issue has virtually propelled Donald Trump to unprecedented heights. If the economy continues to lag, the issue could very well propel him to the Presidency.

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Scott Morefield


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