Matt Damon attacks Trump in MIT speech–and it’s obvious why he only plays a genius on TV

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Matt Damon MITMatt Damon gave the commencement address at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday and, as usual, politics were foremost on his mind.

MIT has a special place for Damon because he played a genius janitor at the university in his breakout role in the movie “Good Will Hunting”

The actor told the students it was the second time he “fake graduated” in his hometown, mentioning the time he participated in his Harvard graduation even though he dropped out to pursue his acting career.

The Hillary Clinton campaign donor even poked fun at his lack of intelligence during the commencement speech.

“One of the scenes in ‘Good Will Hunting’ is actually based on something that happened to my brother Kyle,” he told the graduates. “He was visiting a physicist we knew at M.I.T. and he was walking down the Infinite Corridor. He saw those blackboards that line the halls. So my brother, who is an artist, picked up some chalk and wrote an incredibly elaborate, totally fake version of an equation. And it was so cool and completely insane that no one erased it for months. This is a true story.

“Kyle came back [to me and Ben] and he said, ‘You guys, listen to this. They’ve got blackboards running down the hall because these kids are so smart. They just need to, you know, drop everything and solve problems.’ It was then we knew for sure that we could never have gotten in.”

The self deprecating humor didn’t last long however as he quickly turned his attention to attacking Donald Trump.Matt Damon MIT

“If there are multiple simulations, how come we have to be in the one where Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee for president?” he quipped, citing the fact the some physicists, including Neil deGrasse Tyson, believe the universe we live in could be a computer simulation. “Can we like transfer to a different one?”

“Good Will Hunting” is the most glaring example but he also plays with above average intelligence in “The Bourne Identity,” “Rounders,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and “The Departed.”

Too bad none of that translated to real life.

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Carmine Sabia


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