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When residents of the ‘angriest city in America’ saw this list, they absolutely lost it…

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A list of the 11 angriest cities in America came out this week judged by the irrationality of its residents and those from the angriest city are pretty upset about it — in fact, they’re downright angry.

In descending order the angriest metropolitan areas in America were: 11 Nashville, 10 Las Vegas, 9 Portland, 8 San Francisco, 7 New York City, 6 Chicago, 5 Detroit, 4 Washington, D.C., 3 Boston and 2 Cleveland.

Topping the list of 11 was ironically the City of Brotherly Love — Philadelphia, according to Thrillist.

As examples, the authors point to recent activities of Philadelphia’s sports fans “in which Flyers fans threw bracelets honoring their owner who’d recently died of bladder cancer onto the ice at a game to the point where the announcer had to yell at them. Or past transgressions, like the fan who intentionally threw up on an 11 year-old-girl at Phillies game in 2010, or the ones who loudly cheered when Michael Irvin sustained a career ending neck injury in 1999, or their penchant for throwing batteries (at J.D. Drew) and snowballs (at Santa and pretty much everyone else).”

They also related an anecdote of a confrontation between a Bostonian and a Philadelphian in front of a Boston bar in view of the bar’s bouncer.

When the smoke cleared, the bouncer reportedly concluded, “In Philly, you just come out angry.”

The post was picked up by several Philadelphia outlets, including the local CBS affiliate, which got tweeted by a Philly radio station:

Philadelphians didn’t necessarily disagree, and noted what made them angry:

And then there were these:

But what really makes the residents angry is their mayor. With the exception of Las Vegas, each and every one of the cities have Democrats as their mayor. And Vegas? Mayor Oscar Goodman was a Democrat up until 2009.

That year he switched and is now an Independent. You know — like Bernie Sanders.

And at least one Philadelphian couldn’t disagree with that analysis:

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