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Jake Tapper drops BOMB on Obama admin over unbelievably shady stunt it pulled to sell Iran deal

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Jake Tapper has had enough of the Obama administration‘s lies.

The CNN anchor condemned the White House cover-up on events leading up to, and even after the Iran nuclear deal, as he laid out the details in a segment called “The Buried Lead,” on CNN Thursday.

Referring to the story as one that is not “getting enough attention,” Tapper told viewers this was a case of someone at the State Department “literally trying to bury something, hiding it from you.”

“In this case, it was an acknowledgment by the Obama administration of having lied to reporters, a scrubbing of the public record,” Tapper said. “And it should outrage every American.”

He then systematically reviewed the events surrounding the scandal that arose over allegations by Fox News correspondent James Rosen that his question at a press briefing had been deleted from the video archives. The administration did not deny the footage was missing, blaming its disappearance on a “technical glitch.” State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters Wednesday that the video footage had, in fact, been “deliberately” deleted.

Tapper presented a numbered recap so viewers could keep a running count of the lies by the Obama White House to get the Iran deal passed.

“The Obama administration needs to understand that it’s not acceptable just to leave this where it is,” Tapper said. “Just as the public has a right to know the truth, we have a right to know who lied to us, and why.”

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CNN video via Washington Free Beacon.

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