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House dems ask to preview Benghazi report before its release to add ‘corrections’; you can imagine Gowdy’s answer . . .

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Not so fast!

Five democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi are asking Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-Sc to allow them to release a “joint report” on the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Each party prepared their own report on the matter, according to the Hill.

But, the request goes even further. They are now asking to review a copy of the Benghazi report devised by Gowdy so they can add “corrections, additional context or other input before you release it publicly.”

The democrats said Gowdy and republicans would be able to review their Benghazi report for the same reasons, writing that “the worst approach would be for you to publicly release a partisan report drafted only by Republicans that has never been reviewed by nearly half of the select committee members.”

“Such a report would not have the benefit of robust vetting by all select committee members and, as a result, very likely would include critical errors and other deficiencies,” the democrats wrote in their letter to Gowdy.

A spokesman for the Benghazi committee, Matt Wolking, dismissed the democrats’ request to add corrections ahead of its release.

“These do-nothing Democrats pretending to be interested in the truth are the same ones who refused to help with the investigation and wasted millions of dollars trying to undermine and obstruct it,” Wolking told the Hill.

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