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Libertarian candidate may get boost in 2016 race–but it looks like Trump isn’t who should be worried

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Libertarian Gary Johnson is polling very well when compared to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, two candidates with high unfavorables.

But it may be the likely Democratic presidential nominee who should be sweating, not the presumptive Republican nominee.

A new poll out shows that Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee, looks to be drawing more support from Democrat voters than Republican.

According to a Morning Consult poll released earlier this week, Johnson is pulling 10 percent support in a head-to-head match-up with Trump and Clinton.

Image: IJ Review

Independent Journal Review noted that the Morning Consult poll is the third poll this month showing Johnson with at least 10 percent support when up against Trump and Clinton — a Monmouth poll had Johnson with 11 percent and a Fox News poll had him at 10 percent.

The pro-libertarian website ALibertarianFuture.com noted that Johnson’s inclusion in the presidential race appears to be hurting Clinton most:

An earlier poll found that Johnson takes more support from Democrats than Republicans. They polled the match up between Trump and Hillary with and without Johnson.

When he was included, her lead shrank by five points. That’s a rather significant drop in support. That poll shows that Libertarian candidates do affect the race but not in the way that was previously assumed.


Speaking at the national Libertarian convention in Orlando, Fla., on Saturday, Johnson told the crowd that “the two-party system is broken” and said current circumstances present the opportunity for the Libertarian party “to achieve major party status.”

The former New Mexico governor, who is facing five challengers for the Libertarian party nomination, is taking some heat from purists in his party who loathe the GOP for his selection of former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld as a running mate — Weld recently changed his party affiliation from Republican to Libertarian just weeks ago.

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