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Obama said he wouldn’t apologize for bombing Hiroshima, but what does this sound like to you?

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When the White House announced President Obama‘s trip to Hiroshima, Japan it assured Americans he wouldn’t apologize for bombing the city to hasten the end of World War II.

Apparently he wasn’t serious.

On Friday when he visited the city that was the site of the first nuclear bomb used in war he may not have used the words “apologize” or “sorry” but the intent was blatant.

“Seventy-one years ago on a bright cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed,” Obama said. “A flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city, and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself…”

“Let all the souls here rest in peace, for we shall not repeat the evil,” he continued.

He basically apologized for retaliating for the attack on Pearl Harbor in which Japan killed more than 2,000 Americans. And in the same breath he called winning World War II “evil.”

“We are not bound … to repeat the mistakes of the past. We can learn. We can choose,” he told the crowd at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Still, no mention of Japan bombing Pearl Harbor.

Studies at the time, and since, have showed that unleashing nuclear bombs on Japan saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Obama’s eight year apology tour has been an embarrassment to America and Americans.

But to apologize for putting an end to the killing of American servicemen days before Memorial Day is unforgivable.

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Carmine Sabia


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