10-foot python slithers through plumbing and gives one toilet goer a shock he’ll NEVER forget

python 2
Photos via Facebook.

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If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, Thailand, check the toilets carefully before you use them.

Very, very carefully.

It was an innocuous enough routine for 38-year-old Attaporn Boonmakchuay, just a visit to the toilet, but it quickly turned into the stuff of nightmares as a 10-foot python slithered its way through the plumbing and onto his … you-know-what.

The poor man is taking it well, even giving smiling interviews to local television stations, and doctors say he will recover, but pictures of his blood-covered bathroom tell a horrifying story.

Boonmakchuay told Thai TV channel 7 that he tried to remove the snake for 30 minutes before enlisting help from his wife and neighbor. Before he passed out, he was finally able to pry the snake’s jaws open after his wife tied a rope around it.

Emergency workers were able to dismantle the toilet and get the snake out. For some odd reason, they proceeded to release it back into the wild.

According to hospital director Dr. Chutima Pincharoen,”He has a really good attitude… even though his own wife and children were in shock. He’s been smiling and giving interviews all day from his bed.”

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You can watch some of the excitement below:

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