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Protesters HURL obscenities at family attending Trump rally–and social media calls them out!

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“F**k you! You don’t deserve children!”

Donald Trump supporters entering the candidate’s rally in Anaheim, California were attacked viciously by protesters hurling cruel statements and profanities at women and children.

One couple, each holding a child, were told yelled at repeatedly with “F*ck you” and “You’re teaching your kids to be racists!”

Another group of Trump-supporting women were yelled in their faces by a Hispanic man holding a Mexican flag.

“You’ve got to be f***ing kidding me! You’re f***ing women,” one protester yelled at the women. “What the f***s wrong with you?!”

Check out the disturbing video here: 

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Imagine if Trump supporters acted this way outside a Hillary rally… https://t.co/IpkIpDQRhF

Social media was quick to respond:

J.F.K.wouldn’t recognize his party.

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