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‘I hate him!’ Not everyone was laughing as Rosie O’Donnell hits meltdown stage in anti-Trump rant

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Former “The View” host and sometime actress and comedian Rosie O’Donnell went on a rant Wednesday night against Donald Trump.

Although laughter and cheers could be heard throughout her performance, many others were less than impressed with her foul-mouthed performance.

“I’m depressed because I fu**ing hate that orange piece of sh*t,” O’Donnell said during her opening of a Boy George concert in New York City. “He’s a sh*t stain with a tint of orange.”

When she started in on the presumptive Republican presidential front-runner, an audience member told the Daily Mail, “I took out my phone and started recording.”

“Well I would rather give birth to a flaming iguana while taking a sh*t,” O’Donnell continued. “I hate him. I hate him.”

After O’Donnell promised she wouldn’t say his name, she grabbed her crotch and said, “Eat me, Donald!”

The man who took the video of O’Donnell’s comments gave it to the Mail, and told the publication that “people were not impressed.”

“People around me were shaking their heads in disagreement,” he continued.

“One man near me turned to his wife turned and said, ‘I really hope Donald gets elected so she keeps her promise and moves to Canada.’”

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Clip via the Daily Mail.


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