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Comedienne Sarah Silverman proves nothing’s off limits with VILE ‘jokes’ she made in front of kids

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Comedienne Sarah Silverman was vile and repulsive… in other breaking news of the day, it was Monday.

It’s hardly news that Silverman crossed normal lines of decency, after all, when talent is in short supply, shock value is at a premium, but what set her latest “performance” apart is that there were teen students in the room — not that she’s likely to give a damn.

Silverman’s offensive routine took place this week at the ArtsConnection 2016 Benefit Celebration, which is a charity gala for arts education in public schools, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

In an audience that included teenage students, Silverman talked about the smell of sperm and included “gags mentioning abortion, sexual assault, her dead dog and sex with boyfriend Michael Speen,” the Post reported.

Students from MS 266 Park Place Community Middle School in Brooklyn also performed at the event.

Page Six seemingly made light of Silverman’s crude act, which was described as “considerably dirty and outrageous,” referring to the raunchy comedienne as “Sassy Silverman.”

“At the end of the night, Silverman seemed to shock even the most hard-core New Yorkers with her limit-pushing new material,” said a guest.

As for any push back from ArtsConnection, forget it.

“When you invite Sarah Silverman, you get Sarah Silverman,” a representative said, according to the Post. “She was as brilliant and provocative as she always is.”

As for the minors in the room, the rep took solace in the fact that they were seniors.

“The remaining students in the room during Sarah’s performance were high school seniors,” she explained.

Considering the event raised more than $900,000, don’t expect any changes… looking on the bright side, at least she’s not denigrating Jesus Christ this time.

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Tom Tillison


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