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CNN host SILENCES talk of Bill Clinton’s sex scandals: ‘We’re not airing his dirty laundry here!’

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“We are not airing all this dirty laundry here.”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin shut down all talk of Bill Clinton’s history of sex scandals when two pundits were disputing Donald Trump’s attack on the former president.

After former Obama Administration official Van Jones trashed Trump’s attack on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s past, it was Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway’s turn to respond.

But, what she got was a quick shutdown from Baldwin when she began bringing up Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal.

“But Van, let’s be fair here,” Conway said. “There’s a difference of having an affair with a White House intern who’s a teenager and then marrying three women. You’re not being fair here.”

Baldwin shook her head, annoyed that Conway was bringing up the scandal, as she put her hands over her face and quietly uttered “Oh my gosh.”

Conway mentioned Clinton’s $850,000 settlement with Paula Jones, where she said the former president sexually assaulted her.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Baldwin chimed in, interrupting Conway. “We are not airing all this dirty laundry here. I just can’t believe we’re going there. And it’s May and there are five months to go. I think it’s going to get really nasty before it’s all said and done.”

Check out the exchange captured by Newsbusters here:

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