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Bernie Sanders supporter says last night’s violent anti-Trump protest was incited by these THREE words

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All it takes is a few words to set off highly-sensitive anti-Donald Trump protesters.

A Bernie Sanders supporter who was protesting Trump’s New Mexico campaign rally Tuesday night told MSNBC that the reason the protests went from peaceful to violent, where protesters were throwing rocks and lighting fires, was because of these three words: “Get a job!

The Sanders supporter said a few taunts is what caused protesters to turn violent, explaining to MSNBC how the protests allegedly started off innocent.

“Well, I just gave them up there two hugs, because the message they’re trying to get across is right,” the Sanders supporter said. “We’re people, you know, let’s love each other, that was the beginning of the protest. There’s families out there. We were having fun. It was stop Trump’s hate with love. And then quickly, once the Trump supporters started coming in, and you see a Trump supporter, you know you…”

Then the Sanders supporter revealed what really set violent protesters off was a few phrases.

“‘You’re useless, go to school, get a job,'” the Sanders supporter said.

Real Clear Politics captured the exchange:

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