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Officers found so much humor in this guy’s anti-cop tattoo, they posted it on the department’s Facebook

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The Bangor, Maine Police Department found humor in a man’s tattoo proclaiming that “cops suck.”

When Officers Keith Larby and Jimmy Burns ran into the man, identified only as “Russell” with the letters tattooed on his knuckles, they were so impressed that Burns took a photo of him next to a smiling Larby and posted it to the department’s Facebook page Monday.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

“Let’s meet some of our regulars,” they wrote. “Good people who might see us as the bad guy from time to time. Overall, we get along with most everyone. We need to, we are the police.”

Then they got to the matter of the tattoo.

“If Russell were to reveal even one of his hands to you in a social situation, you would definitely be intrigued. If you were greeting him with a quick handshake, you would probably take notice that his right hand is imprinted with the word, cops.

All in all, the officers were very understanding.

“Maybe the ink came at a time when Russell was having a problem with authority. We understand. We have all had a problem with authority at one time or another.”

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