Donald Trump sign-stealer is convinced he hates Trump, then he’s confronted with some hard truths

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A young anti-Trump activist was confounded when asked to back up his claim that the presumptive Republican nominee is racist and all things inherently evil.

The young man was approached while stealing Trump campaign signs along a busy street.

“I hate Donald Trump. He’s literally, basically Hitler,” he said with a Trump sign in hand. “He’s doing the same thing that Hitler did, well, in a different way.”

Literally, basically”?  “Same” but “different“?

And so it goes for the rest of the amazing confrontation where the kid can’t seem to grapple with what he wants so badly to believe and that pesky thing called reality.

The budding activist explained that Hitler didn’t like Jews, and Trump is like him because he doesn’t like Mexicans or Muslims. When the interviewer recording the confrontation provided a statement from Trump explaining that legal immigrants are negatively affected by illegal immigration, the young man admitted that illegal immigration is a problem.

In other words, he agreed with Trump. But, that won’t be the last time the young man finds common ground with the candidate he loves to hate.

The activist even admitted building a wall to stem the influx of illegals isn’t the worst idea in the world. And while he lamented over who would end up paying for it, he had to also concede that providing endless benefits for illegals is a monumental burden on taxpayers.

When it looked as if the thick cloud of indoctrination was starting to part, the young man quickly accused Trump of being “fake.”

But the interviewer got him on that one too, and it’s too good to miss. Take a look below:

Video courtesy of BPR contributor Michael Hansen

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