Disgusted Neil Cavuto has sharp words for VA Secretary who just used Disney to insult veterans

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The latest “doozy” by the VA secretary is being called either “callous or stupid.”

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto let the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary have it for an asinine remark he made regarding long wait lines at VA hospitals.

Robert McDonald was trying to defend the disaster that is government-run VA healthcare by comparing the long wait times to lines at Disney.

Only there was one problem, and Cavuto was quick to point it out.

“Last time I checked, you don’t die waiting on a line at Disney!” Cavuto said. “You do die, waiting in a line for care.

“And by the way, people who go to a park on a lark, are very different than people who put it all on the line for this country so the folks like you and me can go to a park on a lark!”

A clearly disgusted Cavuto called McDonald’s statement the “doozy” of all doozies.

Sarah Westwood from the Washington Examiner joined Cavuto and agreed, saying the VA is system is set up for manipulation that can easily cover up long delays for care.

VA whistleblower, Scott David also joined the conversation and said the Disney comments are really the sentiment of the Obama administration.

“The issues of the VA are just not that significant,” to the Obama administration, David said.

Cavuto said McDonald’s remarks were either “callous or stupid.” In this case, it appears that they were heaping dose of both.

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