An irritated Megyn Kelly tries to remove blinders from Freddie Gray advocate; gives up in total frustration

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A Baltimore-based Black Lives Matter activist strongly disagreed with Monday’s acquittal of the officer in the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray.

DeRay Mckesson got into a heated debate with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Monday’s “The Kelly File” over the verdict dropping charges against Officer Edward Nero.

The prominent activist, and former Baltimore mayoral candidate, said current laws need to be remade to hold officers accountable. Though Nero was not found criminally responsible, Mckesson was in favor of Baltimore leaders’ intentions to carry out an administrative review of the officer.

As McKesson repeated the problems with current Maryland laws, Kelly interrupted to ask what exactly Nero had done wrong in this case. “But what did he do that was wrong?” Kelly asked, adding that the evidence showed the officer had “virtually no interaction” with Gray.

“Freddie Gray should not have been stopped. He was no threat to the officers; the officers were a threat to Freddie Gray,” Mckesson said, citing the stop itself as evidence of Nero’s involvement and reason why the laws must change.

Kelly questioned the wisdom of changing the laws.  “Don’t you see the danger to the community if we start locking up cops for exercising poor judgment?” she said.

“Do you think that Freddie Gray should be dead, Megyn?” Mckesson shot back.

A frustrated Kelly continued to press Mckesson on what Nero had specifically done wrong, while the activist kept pressing his agenda.

She finally gave up.

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Video from Fox News.



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